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Super Kwik Slabs is the industry leader in residential, commercial and industrial on site concrete casting. Our unique processes have positioned us as innovators in our field, providing faster lead times, less down time and more cost effective construction across the board.

As construction specialists, Super Kwik Slabs offers several practical and viable concrete solutions for your construction requirements.

The core business is in-situ concrete formwork (i.e. casting concrete in place, on site). The services we offer are complete solutions, formwork supply and labour and formwork supply only. Super Kwik Slabs have no hidden cost and we currently do the cheapest off-shutter slabs in South-Africa.

Reinforced Concrete Suspended Slabs

We cast slabs in-situ – i.e. the concrete is cast into its form on site. This is done by erecting formwork that covers the area of the building that requires a slab. Once the formwork is in place, the deck is then leveled to ensure that the soffit …

Reinforced Concrete Ground Slabs

A slab on the ground is required often where a heavy load must be borne in a designated area (e.g. parking for heavy vehicles, or loading space for heavy materials such as steel). Such a slab on the ground ensures a level surface without sagging …

The Super Kwik Slabs Advantage

We use the latest formwork materials available in the current construction market.

We deliver faster while retaining a high quality product.

We apply a hands on approach, and are on site daily

We offer professionalism and expertise.

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Eastern Cape

The Super Kwik Slabs Process

  1. Props placed in position as per grid. Primary and secondary girders placed in position. Ready for boards to be fastened.
  2. Boards placed on girders. Ready for cleaning, steel fixing, stop ends, levelling and back propping.
  3. Steel fixed in position.
  4. Placing of electrical and plumbing pipes by contractors.
  5. Concrete placed by Super Kwik Slabs.
  6. Removing of Formwork after ± 14 days.
  7. Finished Product.